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Klinklang Doctor :iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 2 0
DR: The First War (Zeditha's characters 3)
((Author's Note: This section takes place during chapter 23.))
Zeditha and Chi walked back through the corridors of the city hall and back to the outside. The hybrid said, "Looks like another class of people is filing in."
The dragonet walked along in silence. She was rather shy around all these people. She found that, as she trotted along after Chi, there were more dragons and humans to avoid. Skipping to the side in order to avoid a particularly mean-looking human, she found herself nose-to-nose with a fluttering multicolored pygmy. Zeditha squeaked and jumped back; she wasn't a large dragon herself, so a pygmy to the face made a difference. "Sorry," she squeaked, then looked ahead to see if she could spot Chi. The hybrid was further ahead, beyond a tight crowd of people and dragons. With a small sigh, she resigned herself to being lost, and turned back to the pygmy.
((Author's Note: This section ta
:iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 1 0
Mature content
DR: The First War RandomnessCentral's characters 2 :iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 2 0
Mature content
A Dragon's Rage: The First War chp. 52 :iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 2 0
Biting Pear comic :iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 10 1
Mature content
A Dragon's Rage: The First War April's Fools chp. :iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 1 0
If Noct and Luna were still alive :iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 5 0
DR: The First War (OliviaOfGenovia's characters 2)
((Author's Note: This section takes place during chapter 46.))
Rhino stared at the snow dragoness, feeling awkward that he must have accidentally stolen her prey. "Uh...hello," he greeted.
"Hello," the snow dragoness replied. "Were you going after the same prey I was hunting?"
The fleshcrowne confirmed, "Yes, I didn't know. Sorry about that." Pushing the deer slightly over to her, he asked, "Here, do you want it?"
The dragoness shook head and replied, "No thanks, it's yours. You caught it first. I can always find another one."

"Alright then,"
said Rhino. He began to eat the deer as he ripped a piece of its flesh off using his teeth. As the snow dragoness began to leave, he thought of an efficient idea that would benefit them both. He asked the dragoness, "Hey, do you want to share this deer with me? We can hunt the next one down after this and then eat it to make us full."
The dragoness stopped and looked to him, saying, <
:iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 2 0
Funny Comment 6 :iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 3 0
DR: The First War (0023567467 characters story 2)
((Author's Note: This section takes place during chapter 31.))
After her encounter with Zee, Icefyre went on her way to the river to quench her thirst. No lunch would be complete without a drink. The dragoness's tongue lapped at the cool water, bringing splashes of it into her mouth and gulping them down her throat. After she had her fill, she walked away from the shore and laid down on the nearby grass in a small clearing. She thought about Zee and wondered why would be friends with a human, the race that had caused a long time of strife and misery for dragonkind. The earth dragoness must have returned to her human by now and was currently feeding her. Icefyre knew that Zee had said that her friend was nice, but how did their friendship came to be? Weren't humans and dragons natural enemies? Why would they be friends with one another? The blue dragoness sought to get the answers she had been curious about. To do that, she formed a telepathic connection with the dragoness in min
:iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 2 0
Mature content
A Dragon's Rage: The First War chp. 51 :iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 1 0
Takumi as a Dragon :iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 6 0 Camilla as a Dragon :iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 5 2
Mature content
DR: The First War (DJVoxel's characters story 2) :iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 1 0
Valentine's Day cookie :iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 9 3 Frostfire headshot :iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 5 3

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SilverBeastLaguz has started a donation pool!
300 / 300
Well since no one wants to do breedables with me, I'll just cancel the thing all together. From now on until I need points again, I'll take free requests in the form of drawings and one-shots. I'll even do hentai and lemon stories, but they'll put on my Tumblr account as DA doesn't allow porn here. If you all want me to do something for you, comment on this journal or my profile page or just send me a note. Just know that there's a limit on what I don't like to do. I'll tell you what they are now.

Things I won't do:
- pedophilia (not even lolicon or shotacon)
- zoophilia (anthros are okay though, because unlike your typical animal, they can consent and they have human intelligence)
- foot fetish (that's icky to me)
- scat/watersports (that's the most disgusting)
- guro porn
- inflation
- obesity (unless the character is canonically obese)
- incest
- ugly or old people in hentai (I'd rather do faceless people fucking the character(s) in question)
- oversized butts and boobs (unless the character canonically has that)
- there might be more I forgot to write down, but you'll have to ask me about it.

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Name first - percent completed - status


A Dragon's Rage: The First War chp. 53 - 26% - in progress
This chapter may start off with the Vulture Horde.

Megaman ZX: The Mega Wars chp. 9 - 0% - has not started yet
The beginning will either resume with Team Vent's story in the old Guardian base or start off with Aeolus and his comrades.

CWCollateral: Uprising chp. 5b - ? - on hiatus
Well gee, I don't know when I'm going to go back to finishing this chapter. I mean I kinda feel more interested in doing the other stuff than I am with this one. Ever since the SRTF group died or during its declining death, I've been losing passion to get this one finished. So once I'm done with this chapter, which I think will be after Dragon's Rage and The Mega Wars are done, I'm just going to draw the next scenes in pictures, so that I can speed up the story.

The Little Monster Girl chp. 3 - 0% - on hiatus for a long time
Okay, because I got hooked onto a new game which name I forgot after being into FF XIII-2 for a while, I gradually lost a lot of passion for finishing up this fanfic, even more so than my CWCollateral spin-off. And it's sill on live support. I'm not even sure when I'll get back to it.

Little Red Riding Wolf & the Big Bad Hunter (starring Velouria and Gazak) - 35% - on hiatus
My first fairy tale fic and it does an inverse of Little Red Riding Hood with a certain wolfskin girl as the protagonist and the hunter as the bad guy. UPDATE: Change of plans, I have decided to make Gazak the villain, instead of Hans. The reasons for this will be in the description of the completed story.

A smut fanfic for :iconmetalsonic30: - 45% - in progress
It's of his OC being shipped with Noire from Hyperdimension Neptune.

Randomness_Central's giftstory 2 - 100% - completed
Releasing on April 12.

Zeditha's giftstory 3 - 100% - completed
Releasing on April 14.


Wonder-Red x Vorkken hentai - in line art stage - on hiatus
Biting Pear - completed
Leo as a dragon - in line art stage - in progress

Plans (which may or not happen)

Ryoma x F!Corrin x Takumi lemon fanfic
A one-sided Wonder Red x Vorkken lemon fanfic
FE: Fates Conquest families & pairings pics (8 left)
FE: Fates Birthright families & pairings pics
FE: Fates Revelations families & pairings pics
Oboro x Takumi x Hinata hentai threesome
Other Fates siblings as dragons
A picture of Danielle and my swiftwing
Another picture of Lisa's megaman form

Gifts to do this month

Requests to do

Ashe's Nightmare: Revenge of Yandere Pandora for :iconmegaali:


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Silver the Lioness Laguz
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That picture above is my Fire Emblem persona.

Warrior name: Swiftstorm
Age: 22
Birthday: May 6
Star sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac: Sheep
Sister: GuardianAngel4Wolves
Favorite genre of music: Pop, love songs, video game music
Favorite characters: Vent, Ike, Neji, Shikamaru, Peter Griffin, Stewie, The Simpsons, Chef, Grey, Thetis, Ashe, Fireheart, Zero, X, Lightning Farron, Wonder Blue
Personal Quote: Bite my sexy black @$$

I just updated this bio, which I should have done a long while ago.

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